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Quality Water Softeners with Excellent Service
Running Faucet

Northland Water has been selling water softeners at factory direct prices for over 70 years. Unlike Big Box stores, we never charge extra for delivery and installation nor will you pay extra hidden fees — what you see is what you get. After gathering some information about your specific water needs, in most cases we can give you a quote over the phone on the 3 options of water softeners we offer. Each water softener comes with one of the most generous warranties in the industry because all of our water softeners are built to last. All equipment sold by Northland Water is made in the USA. Call Northland Water today to speak with a trained water softener specialist who will gladly help you make an informed decision. 

Silver Series Water Softener

Silver Series

Able to accommodate any size family, the Silver Series is our most economical on-demand softener.

Gold Series Water Softener

Gold Series

The Gold Series is our most efficient single tank softener saving you money on salt and water usage throughout the year.

Platinum Series Water Softener

Platinum Series

Our twin tank softener guarantees 24 hours of soft water to your home. Excellent for large families, and high water usage homes.

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